The INSPIRE Project

Cass Sculpture Foundation is a registered UK charity. As we approach our 25th Anniversary in 2018, we are at a pivotal point in our growth as we move from a founder-led organisation to a sustainable entity.

A child drawing maquettes from Think Pieces, 2016

In response to this we are launching a 2-year fundraising campaign – the INSPIRE project – with the aim to:

  • Upgrade our professional status and consolidate the sustainability of the organisation for the future.
  • Increase access to our extraordinary collections and resources.
  • Develop a new Education and Outreach programme. 

The Education and Outreach Programme

We have established a successful track record in supporting emerging and mid-career artists and we have a well regarded academic reputation at post-graduate level and beyond. As the arts generally get cut back in schools and colleges, we now want to work with and inspire the younger generation. Our research and focus group sessions have proved that there is demand for this. Teachers are keen to help us devise new ways to interpret the collection. We will appoint an Education and Outreach Officer to lead a new programme. Plans include building an outdoor work station, developing audio guides and ‘art boxes’, educational film material and a new volunteer training programme. 

The Archive

In order to meet museum industry standards, we need to survey, catalogue and digitise the archive. We will hire an Archivist to carry out this important task, allowing more people, and a wider range of people to engage with our unique heritage. Other costs to bear include new collections management software and conservation and storage materials.

To realise our ambitions, we need to raise £200,000 over the next 2 years, so that going into our 25th Anniversary year Cass Sculpture Foundation is even more inspirational than it is today.

To make a donation towards the INSPIRE project, please contact Laura Brown, Development Director,, 01243 531 852, for further information including budgets and acknowledgement opportunities.