Art Fair

West Bund Art and Design Fair 2015


Free with general entry

​We are pleased to announce that this year Cass Sculpture Foundation will be involved in the West Bund Art and Design Fair. We will be presenting a selection of works from our upcoming exhibition A Beautiful Disorder, aswell as a selection of our Maquettes from our Archive.

Co-organized by Shanghai West Bund Development Group Co., Ltd and the renowned artist Zhou Tiehai, the forthcoming international fair West Bund Art & Design staging both first-tier contemporary art and design, is the first of its type in China. With widespread support, West Bund Art & Design 2015 will open on September 8th until September 13th at the West Bund Art Center—2555 Long Teng Da Dao. Alongside partners and sponsors, West Bund Art & Design invites art lovers, returning and new, to engage in this cultural feast.

The art fair designates West Bund Art Center, which is transformed from a workshop of the former Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, as its site and strictly selects participated galleries and design agencies with high reputation and good quality. Following the mission to have “art guide life, and design dot life,” the fair aims to create a second-to-none art platform hosting galleries, design agencies, existing and pipeline collectors, and art lovers to enjoy art and thus to open up a new era of unique charming art experience.

West Bund Art and Design Fair is open from Sep 9th 15 - Sep 13th 15 and our booth number is D2


Cass Sculpture Foundation's booth at the West Bund Art and Design Fair, 2015

Featured artists

Tu Wei-Cheng

Wang Sishun

Wang Yuyang

Jennifer Wen Ma

Zhang Ruyi

Cheng Ran

Li Jinghu

Bi Rongrong

Lu Pingyuan

Xu Zhen (Produced by MadeIn Company)

James Capper

Piotr Lakomy

Sara Barker

Marc Quinn

Alex Hoda

Rodney Bender

Keir Smith

Wendy Ramshaw

Caroline Rothwell

Tony Cragg

Phillip King

Gary Webb

Allen Jones

Sean Henry

Thomas Heatherwick

Langlands and Bell

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