Think Pieces

Main Gallery, Cass Sculpture Foundation

Free with general entry

This exhibition offers an exceptional insight into the archive of Cass Sculpture Foundation as a selection of maquettes are brought into the main gallery for public display.

The maquettes, usually only accessible by appointment, illustrate a key stage in the process of commissioning large-scale sculpture, in which abstract ideas are first materialised into physical form. These small-scale sculptures also function as ‘think pieces’ - allowing the artist to work through technical and aesthetic issues, experiment with materials, and make adjustments to scale and structure.

Many of these intriguing works are available for sale as editions and CASS will always retain a museum copy for perpetuity in its archive. This exhibition will highlight the editions for sale, certain unique maquettes that cannot be sold and will also show new works by a selection of invited artists. It presents a rare opportunity to understand the workings of CASS, a commissioning body that has been a leading player in the development of large-scale sculpture from British, and more recently, international artists.

Each year the curatorial team at CASS invites a selection of carefully researched artists to submit sculpture proposals in the form of drawings and maquettes. CASS supports its commissioned artists at every stage of the process, from conception to fabrication, exhibition to sale. Its mission is to provide exceptional opportunities for artists at every stage of their career.

The large-scale works go on to be sold to collectors or museums, with proceeds split equally between the artist and the organisation to facilitate future commissions.


Think Pieces, 2016