Playful Drawing

Upper Gallery, Cass Sculpture Foundation

Tickets: £65.00 (members £65.00)

This lively and inclusive course is designed for those who haven’t drawn since school, felt discouraged by art teachers or have an interest in art they haven’t yet had opportunity to pursue.

Unconventional approaches to drawing will challenge the mind and eye, revealing the excitement and benefits of drawing. The focus of the day is on process and the experience of drawing, rather than outcome. Students will have the chance to experiment, think creatively, try a range of materials and have fun in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Pia Bramley graduated from Brighton University with a degree in illustration and has been commissioned by The New York Times and Sunday Times. She was awarded a scholarship for the postgraduate drawing programme at the Royal Drawing School, graduating in 2015. Alongside her own creative practice she runs drawing workshops with organisations including Kingston University Foundation and The Royal Drawing School’s Young Artist Clubs.

Tickets must be booked via Eventbrite as spaces are limited.

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