James Capper's Hydraulic Sculptures

Upper Gallery, Cass Sculpture Foundation

Free with general entry

Hydraulic Sculptures, an exhibition of sculpture, drawing and film by British artist James Capper, is presented in conjunction with the unveiling of Greenhorn, the artist’s commission for Cass Sculpture Foundation.

Challenging the distinctions between art and engineering, Capper’s hydraulic machines are both sculptures in their own right and functioning tools; sometimes used for marking the land, or to facilitate the fabrication of ‘installations’ within the surrounding environment. Over the course of his practice, Capper has developed a number of different divisions, which he describes of as constantly expanding ‘family trees’. Each enacting a different and specific function, the works are designed in relation to their intended environments. The sculptures, drawings and films on display in Hydraulic Sculptures are all considered integral components in Capper’s practice. Together, this body of work offers viewers a fascinating insight into works that combine planning, invention and creation to produce functional sculptures. The exhibition also acts to introduce the diverse divisions of Capper’s practice – from Earth Marking to Off Shore; from Carving Tools to the new Material Handling work.


​James Capper, ​Hydraulic Sculptures, 2015

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James Capper

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