Christies Sale

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Cass Sculpture Foundation has teamed up with Christies to organise an exclusive online auction.

This summer, Christie's presents 17 magnificent large-scale sculptures on view in West Sussex, in partnership with Cass Sculpture Foundation. Established in 1992 by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass, this pioneering non-profit has helped support some of the most important contemporary sculptors. All proceeds made by CASS go directly to backing artists and new commissions. In 1999 the foundation introduced Trafalgar Square's enormously successful Fourth Plinth project, bringing outdoor sculpture to the public with a succession of exceptional commissioned works, one of which will be on view in West Sussex.

This selection is the rich reward of nearly twenty-five years of creative momentum, testament to both the visionary energy of Wilfred and Jeanette and the outstanding quality of British sculpture.

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Tony Cragg, Declination, 2005

CASS Artworks featured in this Event



A twentieth century folly, Pavilion is sculptural in form and boasts modern, industrial materials which are tested in in…


Sun's Roots II

Sun’s Roots II is another work of King’s that returns to his early works formal concern with the use of bold colour to d…



Declination is one of the works from Tony Cragg's Early Forms series that is elevated from the ground. The sculpture has…


Venus Stone

At the source of this work lies the artist’s memory of two boulders resting against each other in Harris, Northern Scotl…


This and This and This

This and This and This is composed of four triangles that interlock one another and hover precariously above the ground.…


London to Paris

Commissioned by CASS in 2000, London to Paris is one of the last large-scale sculptures Eduardo Paolozzi made before his…



Tents or tepees are the homes of the nomad. Like any encampment these six tent–like forms are placed in a circle, both f…



Darwin was originally commissioned by Christ’s College, Cambridge to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin…



Ostensibly Pavilion gives the impression of architectural form rather than sculptural. In Hartley’s sculpture and wall w…



Ward has long been interested in the ability of sculpture to represent cultural distillation. His recent work Gate addre…


Triton III

As a former painter, Kneale began working with sheet steel because of the immediacy with which he could work. Rather tha…



Claw is a sculpture of extremes; the cool, glassy surface suggestive of calm and beauty, whilst the dark colours and sub…


Regardless of History

Bill Woodrow's sculpture Regardless of History was originally installed on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2000…


Yo Reina

Originally part of a duo, Yo Reina is an interactive work, which encourages viewers to interact with its sensuous encoun…


Bollards (Oval, Peg, Penis)

Antony Gormley is one of several artists who contributed to the £60 million Peckham regeneration project which commenced…


Exotic Tree

Set within a wooded glade Exotic Tree creates an illusory sense of the fantastical or mysterious. Tiny, silhouetted figu…