Alex Hoda's Chance Encounters

Main Gallery, Cass Sculpture Foundation

Free with general entry

Including both new pieces and significant early works, Chance Encounters presents a survey of the work of British artist Alex Hoda.

Whilst varying in materials, technique and form, the exhibited sculptures are all a testament to the artist’s enduring dialogue with art historical traditions varying from Classicism, Modernism and the Surrealist notion of automatism. New ceramics from Hoda’s Wisp and Puncture series are on display alongside a number of the artist’s early rubber sculptures; anthropomorphically suggestive forms deriving from found objects such as kitsch ceramic animals and sex toys. The exhibition also bears witness to Hoda’s increasing interest in the use of discarded, or waste materials, such as banana skins, chewing gum and driftwood. Rendered in bronze and marble, these almost-abstract forms playfully recall the grandeur of Classical busts and modernist sculpture.

Through enacting the transformation of banal objects, Hoda explores the absurd and the familiar, as well as dissecting our relationship with the vast proliferation of things that fill our lives. Demonstrating the artist’s visceral ability to create unexpected narrative compositions, Chance Encounters also humorously highlights the prescribed tension between subject matter, and the elevated art historical lineage connected to sculptural processes and materials.

A comprehensive survey of Hoda’s work will be published to coincide with the exhibition. The book will mark the first in a new series of publications produced by Cass Sculpture Foundation, dedicated to contemporary British artists, entitled Work in Progress. ​

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​Alex Hoda, ​Chance Encounters, 2015

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Alex Hoda

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