A Beautiful Disorder - Maquette Exhibition

Upper Gallery, Cass Sculpture Foundation

Free with general entry

As part of A Beautiful Disorder, there will be an exhibition of maquettes in the Upper Gallery.

For this exhibition, the curators approached more than forty contemporary artists from ​Greater China to submit proposals in the form of sketches and renderings. ​From this long list, 18 artists were selected whose work not only engaged with the curatorial concept in innovative and unexpected ways, but also pushed the boundaries of sculptural practice.

The maquettes in the Upper Gallery represent the exhibition in miniature, showcasing a key stage in the commissioning process in which abstract ideas are first translated into concrete form. The maquettes function as ‘think pieces’ that allow the artist to work through technical and aesthetic issues, experiment with different materials, and make adjustments to scale and structure.

The exhibition also showcases documentary film and video works that explore different aspects of sculptural practice. The videos by Song Ta and Cheng Ran were filmed on site, specifically relating to their installations on the grounds. The two documentary films by the artists Cao Fei and Cao Dan each offer an intimate portrait of their father, the famed sculptor Cao Chong’en (b. 1933), who has produced some of the most iconic sculptures of Chinese political leaders in the Socialist Realist style. The documentaries thus provide crucial insight into the history of sculptural production in modern and contemporary China across two generations.


A Beautiful Disorder Maquette Exhibition, 2016

Featured artists

Wang Sishun

Wang Yuyang

Bi Rongrong

Tu Wei-Cheng

Lu Pingyuan

Li Jinghu

Zhang Ruyi

Xu Zhen (Produced by MadeIn Company)

Jennifer Wen Ma

Cheng Ran

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