Womb Tomb

Granite boulder
240 x 140 x 140 cm
Edition of 1

Womb Tomb is formed of two granite elements, each weighing 16 and 25 tonnes respectively. Truly monumental in scale, the sculpture continues themes that have always occupied Randall–Page: the relationship between the outside and inside of a form, surface and volume, skin and flesh. In Secret Life I & IV, 1994, glacial granite boulders were cut in half, but worked only on their internal surfaces as if to ‘reveal’ unexpected forms. Womb Tomb is a development upon these works, but with the naturally rounded boulder hollowed out to form a space, large enough for a person to enter. After a long search, Peter Randall–Page found an appropriate boulder in southern Germany. It was worked at a factory near the quarry. First, the stone was sawn into slices then carved into a series of concentric rings, before being reassembled with lead spacers to replace the material removed by the saw.

One element of Womb Tomb lies on the ground, rough and unworked on the outside but for the regular bands of lead that traverse the surface. Its interior is formed of soft, deep ribs in concentric curves. The other portion of the sculpture is sunk into the earth and exhibits the same finely carved internal surface. The huge boulder appears to reveal two soft and sensuous womb–like voids: one like a well and the other resembling a cave.


About The Artist

Randall–Page’s practice has always been informed and inspired by the study of organic form and its subjective impact on our emotions. Exploring the dynamic tension between order and randomness, Randall–Page works with naturally eroded glacial granite boulders, carving the entire surface so that the geometric patterns must adapt to the natural bulges and facets of the stone. In recent years, his work has become increasingly concerned with the underlying principles determining growth and the forms it produces. In his words “geometry is the theme on which nature plays her infinite variations, fundamental mathematical principles become a kind of pattern book from which nature constructs the most complex and sophisticated structures.”

Peter Randall-Page

Born: 1954

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