330 x 97 x 50 cm
Edition of 1

The form and content of Untitled is a coolly mediated composition that references the arts and crafts movement, Bauhaus architecture and modernist painting. The ethics and aesthetics of these periods represent, for Berendes, a starting point for an on-going engagement with geometric abstraction and with the applied arts, apparent in her use of craft-like materials, particularly the thread and wooden frame employed in Untitled. Closely related to Berendes' series of Folding Screens or Paravents, Untitled represents a new direction in a series of sculptures rooted in Berendes' interest in traditional Japanese folding screens. For Berendes, these paravents function as a vehicle for exploring the questions of abstract painting and sculpture. Untitled is decidedly sculptural, affirmed by the incorporation of a plinth in its construction - a clear indication that it is not to be confused with architecture or craft, although these possibilities are meant to be acknowledged. The restrained palette and composition of Untitled are both strongly rooted in the formal vocabularies of modernism, belied by the craft-like sensibility of the materials. The rigorous formal language of historical movements finds a contemporary application in Berendes work, and allows for social, political and cultural references to bleed in, filling it with meaning that is not only historically rich, but also progressive and sculpturally expansive in its transdisciplinary nature.


About The Artist

Berendes work often mixes art historical references with design and basic craftsmanship. Her works implicit meaning reaches far beyond the works ostensibly modernist aesthetic and are frequently influenced by sources as diverse as Russian Suprematist painting, the Bauhaus movement, Amish quilt-makers, the Arts and Crafts Movement, Hollywood sets and 1980s Memphis furniture. Employing the formal vocabularies of these varied sources, Berendes produces works that combine and conflate these histories, alluding not only to their rigorous aesthetics, but also to the political and cultural climates from which they arose.

Eva Berendes

Born: 1974

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