Two Old Bananas

Cast aluminum (3-parts)
217 x 305 x 180 cm
Edition of 3

Mark Handforth’s Two Old Bananas presents the tactile form of a pair of over-ripe fruit, vastly enlarged and rendered in the incongruously industrial aesthetic of cast aluminium. Towering over the viewer at a height of three metres, the sculpture elevates the familiar, challenging perceptions and traditional modes of experience.

Two Old Bananas is one of a number of recent works by Miami-based Handforth that signifies his shift in focus from urban spaces and situations, to organic objects. These humorous sculptures take everyday, often consumable, items such as bananas, cashew nuts or wishbones, and present them on a monumental scale. Informed by Pop art, as well as the Dadaist interest in mundane objects, the natural shapes of the bananas are formalized into a single minimalist, almost abstract form. Subtly referencing some of the major sculptural traditions of the twentieth century, the strangely melancholic Two Old Bananas succeeds in generating a disquieting yet playful sense of the surreal and absurd.


About The Artist

Handforth takes as his subject everyday objects, landscapes and situations, which are transformed through distortions of scale, material and form. Describing his work as a ‘basic conversation about the strange poles of living’, he frequently uses materials commonly found in urban infrastructure. Handforth is concerned with how a sculpture occupies a given landscape or area. With a profound appreciation for the intrinsic functions and motions of cities, many of his works are installed outside in urban areas or city parks, where the object is encouraged to interact with and feed off its surroundings, free from the shackles of the gallery space. Handforth revels in the altered perspectives that result from unexpected situations, cultural migration and displacement. He aims to create work unrestricted by cultural or geographical boundaries. Recalling Pop art, Dada and minimalism, much of Handforth’s works are visual jokes that reflect on the facts and absurdities of day-to-day life. The results are strangely powerful and unexpected gestures that the artist has described as residing ‘in the half world between reality and formality’.

Mark Handforth

Born: 1969

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