Air-hardening clay, Paint
230 x 100 x 80 cm
Edition of 1

Stephanie Quayle's Tiger exemplifies her tendency to juxtapose the civility of the human domestic environment with untamed and brutal nature, “red in tooth and claw.” Quayle achieves this ‘wildness' through her use of air-drying clay, which demands a creative immediacy from the artist, resulting in a work that is both visceral and raw. Quayle's work draws upon the incompatibility of nature and man. She frequently places her sculpted wild animals upon domestic objects; including pianos, chairs and, in the case of Tiger, a plinth. The clean lines of the highly wrought plinth, at odds with the faux naïf and scumbled surface of the tiger, is a witty comment upon the use of the plinth as a means of displaying art. The plinth is, in essence, a metaphorical cage that imposes limits upon the tiger as animal and as art object.


About The Artist

Stephanie Quayle's work is predominantly figurative, often contrasting dramatic and exotic creatures with quotidian objects. Quayle's energy and dynamism is invested in the plaster and clay used to achieve the textural nature of her sculptures. Quayle's sculptures often unite the exotic and the rural, handcrafted and pristine in a witty play on tradition. Working on a farm, the relationship that lies between beast, both domestic and wild, and human is of central concern; “I’m interested in how much we align or distance ourselves from them – how they reflect, question and return our gaze. How they see into our souls and connect us to the natural world and force of nature inherent within".

Stephanie Quayle

Born: 1982