Painted wood
390 x x cm
Edition of 6

During the late 1980s Dave King made a number of sculptures loosely based on the themes to be found in the tale of Bluebeard's Castle. In Terrace, the simple house-shape, made in shorthand - a roof, wall and door is all we need for immediate recognition - is almost banal in its simplicity. It is only when we ask the question, "Why blue?" that associations gather, and the artist's acknowledgement of the Bluebeard tale becomes the vehicle for us to seek other metaphors. The concept of home and the container gives us an opportunity to find meanings within Terrace: façade and interior, seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious, assumption and knowledge. King, in his musings around the forms of roofs, looked to Gustav Courbet who wished to paint the roof-tops of houses in Paris as seascapes with tiled waves and unseen depths below. In King's minimalist rendition of the terrace we can see him engaging with this metaphor using the language of contemporary sculpture.


David King

Born: 1946