Mirror polished stainless steel
190 x 180 x 1 cm
Edition of 1

The reflective surface of Swivel mirrors its surrounding environment, redefining the space around itself through a confusion of form and material. Suspended from the ceiling, Swivel gradually fractures and re-aligns responding to air currents. Swivel draws upon the tradition of kinetic sculpture using the form of a mobile, first produced and made famous by Alexander Calder in 1931. Calder's mobiles were usually biomorphic, recalling organic shapes. Khan’s sculpture recalls the effects achieved by Calder's mobiles, but using a geometric form. Swivel's square shape presents an solidity when it is unified. However, the fixed nature of the square is challenged by the movement of its mirrored surface which produces a uncharacteristic lightness. Swivel's movements diffuse the viewer's gaze, shifting attention from the viewer to the object, to the environment and back, as the reflections and fragmentations move the sculpture from formal to intangible.


About The Artist

Khan is a designer who works across the fields of architecture, industrial design and furniture with a particular eye for projects that combine these fields in new and unexpected ways. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a personal and professional investment in finding architectural solutions for the Third World, embarking upon projects in Thailand and the favelas in Brazil. Showing a strong sensitivity to the way people inhabit space, Khan's work engages its spectators with the possibilities of craftsmanship, high and low technology, innovation and wit in design.

Asif Khan

Born: 1979