Socialism Good


Socialism Good is a site-specific work. Following research related to the vegetation at Cass Sculpture Foundation, Zheng Bo chose to use red, yellow and green plants to form a popular political slogan banner from China in the 1950s: ‘Socialism is Good’. During the winter months, the characters of the slogan blurred as the plants withered. In the spring, legible slogans revealed themselves again as the plants regenerated. These plant-based installations bearing political slogans were common features of Tiananmen Square, often appearing as part of the National Day celebrations before the 1990s, as a vehicle for political propaganda.


About The Artist

Zheng Bo's practice mainly focuses on socially engaged practice. He often works with a diverse range of communities, which has included the Queer Cultural Centre in Beijing and Filipino domestic helpers in Hong Kong. He also uses a diverse range of materials. Recently he has begun to use plants, conventionally considered weeds, in order to layer his work with political metaphorical symbols, hint at subversion and draw on Chinas rich and complicated history. There is an insidious and critical commentary on social history being played out in Zheng's work that gradually becomes apparent as you begin to understand the intention behind materials and their compositional relation to other objects in works.

Zheng Bo

Born: 1983

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Zheng Bo