Kilkenny marble
270 x 105 x 40 cm
Edition of 1

Portal is a work whose two main faces differ greatly in texture but are bound by a common sense of movement. The textural contrast creates a startling aesthetic and serves to highlight the complex curves contained within the sculpture. Portal creates a sense of lightness and fluidity from a dark and solid mass. Whilst the smooth face is evocative of fossilised ferns, distant galaxies and other natural shapes, the grooved side adds a man-crafted element, accentuating every chip and curve like a three-dimensional line drawing. As one traces these stone folds with the eye it gradually becomes apparent that the indentation spirals inward towards a lip, beyond which is a startling elliptical hole. This hole adds an element of surprise to the formal qualities of the sculpture; creating immediate intrigue.

The title, Portal, literally means door, and the elongated, rectangular shape suggests this. In science fiction, the word portal has immediate implications of inter-dimensional travel through time or space. In this context the curves are the ripples caused by a whirlpool-like black hole, dragging through all who are near into its vacuum, transporting them to an unknown other side. Similarly, Loxley's Portal transfers the eye up the tall face of the work and irresistibly pours the gaze through its spiral into the space beyond. In this way, thin air and negative space becomes as much a part of the piece as the solid marble.


About The Artist

Movement and a sense of lightness are inherent to Jonathan Loxley's work. His work takes stone, traditionally heavy and cumbersome, and transforms it into fluid, weightless forms. His work often denies the materiality of stone and he is able to nurture its unique textures and characteristics. His work is sensual and textural, a visceral landmark that draws viewers to it by its inner contradiction, light from heavy, movement from the inanimate.

Jonathan Loxley

Born: 1960