Aluminium framed structure
280 x 700 x 380 cm
Edition of 1

Ostensibly Pavilion gives the impression of architectural form rather than sculptural. In Hartley’s sculpture and wall works there is often an abiding interest in architecture. Pavilion is reminiscent of a large-scale light box, in which interior constructions and photographic panels give the illusion of rooms, steps, corridors and structures. Certain structural elements such as, the overhanging canopy and stone forecourt reinforce the idea that Pavilion is a piece of architecture rather than art. However, the impractical lack of entrance to this structure places it firmly within a conceptual and sculptural trajectory.

The diverse environmental light that pierces through this form also has an effect on our perception of Pavilion. At sunny intervals, the interior is clearly defined and on dull overcast days its interior space is barely visible. Hartley on Pavilion suggests “I’d like viewers to feel themselves pulled towards it, and find that the views inside Pavilion look more real than the urban space surrounding it”. In an outdoor landscape setting Pavilion has a strong and confident presence, which strangely juxtaposes and harmonises with its surroundings.

Pavilion was made as a result of Alex Hartley winning the ART2000 Commission Prize, launched in conjunction with the London Contemporary Art Fair and sponsored by Cass Sculpture Foundation. This commission was shown originally outside the entrance to the Business Design Centre in Islington, London in January 2000.


About The Artist

Photography, sculpture and architecture often combine in the work of Alex Hartley. He is concerned with how we experience the world around us, both the natural and the built environment, with a particular interest in ‘iconic’ architecture and injecting it with new meaning. Hartley's work confronts his audiences with new ways of physically experiencing and thinking about our constructed environment. He achieves this through his choice of materials, scale, surface, line, locations and context. His practice encompasses many different mediums, comprising room-sized architectural installations, sculptural photographic compositions and more recently unique photographic works with sculptural elements inserted as low-relief into the surfaces of large-scale colour prints. All of Hartley's work explore modern architecture and consider how it is conceived, presented and utilized.

‘Pavilion’ is currently on display

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Visiting Information

Alex Hartley

Born: 1963

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