Powder coated aluminium cubes
250 x 50 x 110 cm
Edition of 2

Sharp cubic forms of saturated colour, randomly scattered, pull our eye along the length of their distribution. Sometimes our vision is knocked off course as Sophie Smallhorn tricks us by the introduction of a 'wild card' - a bland grey confronting cherry red, or blue standing within yellow's path. In working out how the colours will relate Smallhorn invariably starts with families of red though there is no geometry in their distribution, and the subsequent colour sequence follows no logic. This colour game is endless in its variety and in an outdoor location it alters daily, even hourly, as the colours variously absorb or reflect changing amounts of light. Areas of calm are punctuated with frissons of day-glow pink, blues abut greys or yellow stands apart. These forty-three colour-laden cuboids of only five differing configurations are a feast of rainbow fragments. No. 43 is the second sculpture that Smallhorn has made on a large scale for an outdoor environment. It follows a piece commissioned by Comme des Garçons for their Tokyo headquarters in 1999, which took the general shape of a train moving round a corner of the building.


About The Artist

Sophie Smallhorn started working sculpturally by creating wall-mounted compositions in coloured off-cuts, which were the remnants of materials she used for making furniture. In her work Smallhorn explores colour, volume and proportion. The forms of her wall works are small, simple, clean and geometric. Geometry and saturated colour are centre stage in her compositions, combined and contrasted depending on her intuitive sense of play. There is no theory, science or system in her approach. Texture is not admitted. The chance element of light and the controlled juxtaposition of form, volume, weight and colour are all that she requires in order to make these complex illusionistic scenarios.

Sophie Smallhorn

Born: 1971