My Father's Journey


In this documentary, Cao Dan chronicles the experience of her father – the famed Socialist Realist sculptor Cao Chong’en – on his first visit to Europe, as he participates in and attends her sister Cao Fei’s exhibitions in Art Basel and the Venice Biennale. The video documents Cao Chong’en’s experience of viewing classical sculptural pieces from the Western canon for the first time, as well as his first encounter with the dazzling global contemporary artworld that both his daughters inhabit. The film draws into focus on the different perspectives that these two generations of Chinese artists have on art, philosophy and everyday life.


About The Artist

Cao Dan is the executive Director of LEAP magazine, which is a bilingual magazine showcasing contemporary art in China. Published six times a year in Chinese and English, it presents a diverse and comprehensive coverage of contemporary art and cultural commentary from the Chinese art scene. Cao is also the exectuive Director of The Art Newspaper in China.

For her film-making practice she often collaborates with her sister Cao Fei to make hilarious mockumentary style documentaries about her ancestry and family.

Cao Dan

Born: 1972