I Miss You

Jesmonite, Polyurethane, Lacquer
355 x 156 x 250 cm
Edition of 3

I Miss You takes the shape of a 3.5m high jar, resembling the same shape of a nutella jar. The silhouette of the jar is recognisable to many as a familiar kitchen condiment and is symbolic of product, container and consumption. Despite its foreboding scale, the title gives the work a personal and human element. Just like a hole in the heart, the hole at the centre of I Miss You is indicative of a void or emptiness. The void in this work creates a space one can physically pass through; acting as a shelter that is protective and embracing. Loss is implied by the framed silhouette of 'nothingness' in the work, filled by a far-off landscape. Metaphorically, the hole at the centre of the jar alludes to the finite possibilities for material consumption to fill this void. The gold finish of I Miss You, emphasises the preciousness of this object, by alluding both to the literal value of the object itself and the abstract value of what has been lost. The kitchen-counter container coupled with this gold finish recalls the language of pop art, and specifically the work of Andy Warhol who elevated the status of the everyday object to that of a work of art. This intentional analogy draws one's thoughts back to the mundane consumer value of the nutella jar. I Miss You characterises Awst & Walther's ability to produce simple, iconic objects rich with physical and emotional associations.


About The Artist

Awst & Walther's combined backgrounds in architecture and theatre strongly influence their on-going exploration of intimate relationships between human beings and their physical surroundings, through the themes of power dynamics, transformative potential and the division between our mental and physical self-perception. By adopting a subtle yet critical approach to their practice, they put society's governing values and accepted behaviour under scrutiny. In much of Awst and Walther's sculptural work, perhaps the discipline for which they are best known, spaces are manipulated, fractured and multiplied in ways that form new relationships, allowing the viewer to re-evaluate seemingly familiar environments. Recently, the pair have been exploring the use of materials like aluminium poles, sheets of metal, mirrors, and industrial grade gelatine and other naturally transforming materials, in order to re-organise and re-conceptualise indoor and outdoor spaces.

Awst & Walther

Born: 1983

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