Herd of Arches

Sandstone, Slate
1500 x x cm
Edition of 1

Out of the quarry - seven arches - made over two days - no failures - one almost fell - slipped down the face of a rock - as I removed supporting stones.

This was the first manifestation of the sandstone arches, made entirely in the spirit of Goldsworthy's practice of using materials in their place of origin. The stone from this quarry was used in the construction of major eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings which make up much of Glasgow, the distinct pink colour lending warmth to the northern townscape. The ‘Arches’ were placed at CASS along a pathway winding between fairly dense trees, against a dark green ground-cover of ivy. There the colour contrasted between the red stone and the green ground, which lent a strong dynamism to the work, which first emerged against its own colour in the rough waste ground of the quarry. The more Goldsworthy became involved with the arches, the more he became aware of their significance “It is like the keystone in the arch that slots into place, it’s the same with the ideas. You build up these things and suddenly the thing is complete and this is another arch. The idea is part of a bigger arch, if you like, the pieces of which are spread all over the place.”


About The Artist

Andy Goldsworthy's experience growing up in agriculture as a farm labourer provided him with an acute awareness of his environment and a respect for the fleeting beauty of landscape. By intervening in the landscape Goldsworthy creates ephemeral site-specific sculptures using pre-existing, natural materials. He directly engages with the natural environment by incorporating found objects and natural specimens into temporary sculptures, which he then documents extensively through photography. This choice of materials ensures the momentariness of his work, meaning photography plays a large role in maintaining the legacy of his practice. Andy Goldsworthy photographs these sculptures before, during and after production, which serve as permanent record of each piece. Most of his work is created outside in remote locations that have been specifically chosen for their personal significance.

Andy Goldsworthy

Born: 1956

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