Half Stepping Hot Stepper

Enamel and spray paint on bronze
216 x 166 x 61 cm
Edition of 3

Half Stepping Hot Stepper forms part of a larger series of bronze works now numbering over a hundred. Having practiced as a painter for over 25 years these works are some of the first sculptures by Eddie Martinez and are expressive of this transition between the two art forms. There is a reluctance in this body of work to commit wholeheartedly to three dimensions, which can be observed in the sculptures two-dimensional planes and multiple ‘faces’. Half Stepping Hot Stepper is a juxtaposition of abstraction and figuration, as objects become limbs, heads and postures. A composition of slightly imperfect equilateral shapes and everyday objects, such as discarded pieces of rope and an airbed pump, meet to create a sculptural assemblage. The artist’s affinity with objects, ‘knick-knacks’ and collecting is detectable in this work. The cast objects from everyday life have the impression of being ‘discovered’ in the studio, broken down and appropriated for sculptural effect. Martinez is a true studio artist enjoying the free experimentation a studio can offer, working to incorporate not only the inspiring items from his workspace, but also the happy accidents that occur when working as a practicing artist. Half Stepping Hot Stepper still manages to retain its precarious quirky collage appeal in bronze. This transition to bronze became the artist’s preferred way of making sculpture from 2015. It was partly for reasons of durability but also to ensure that these joyfully impulsive collisions remain intact. Typical of Martinez and his oeuvre, Half Stepping Hot Stepper, although rendered in bronze, actually culminates in painting as the artist finishes the work by lacing it in enamel and spray paint.


About The Artist

Eddie Martinez creates expressive, large and entertaining works that draw on the historical canon of abstract painting and street culture. There is a joyful mash-up of references from Pablo Picasso to graffiti, Willem de Kooning, skateboard culture, Robert Rauschenberg, sport, Jean Michel Basquiat and takeaway pizza boxes. His works are lively and discursive combining coarse brushwork, recognisable tropes of contemporary life and shapes reminiscent of commercial logos. Martinez’s paintings incorporate bold contours through the combination of media such as oil, enamel and spray paint, and often include collaged found objects. This medley of references and painterly technique is perceivable in his sculptural works where textured oil paint, bronze, metal tubing, ropes and bottle tops collide in joyful amalgamated forms.

Eddie Martinez

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