Aluminium, Steel
350 x 350 x 0 cm
Edition of 3

Wendy Ramshaw's Gate announces the entrance to the Cass Sculpture Foundation. Its circular form, full of abstract line and symbol, bears the number five, representing the first five years of the foundation. Ramshaw designed a key-ring for this anniversary on which the design of the gate is based. The change of scale between the 4.5 cm key-ring and the gate is almost a hundredfold, but the forms have been little altered in the translation, other than to accommodate a roughly central opening.

Whilst Wendy Ramshaw is best known for her jewellery design, in recent years she has developed a body of work on a much larger scale: gates and screens that consist of complex and intricate designs, all exquisitely made. Gate is no exception, and its linear rhythms curve and chase one another within the circular perimeter. The composition is completely balanced, and the shapes created in the voids between the lines are of equal weight and important in our reading of the whole. The larger of the circular motifs - the one closer to the perimeter of the circle disguises the figure five as it is absorbed in the overall sweeps of line and contour. The matte aluminium finish of the gate complements the greys found in the flint walls on the grounds, contrasted against the lush green background of trees in high summer or muted browns in winter. Shadows cast by the gate are equally engaging, and allow the viewer to enjoy distortions of the design which change according to the time of day.


About The Artist

Her signature works are sets of rings, abstract pieces in precious metals and gems. Often displayed on perspex ring-stands which are exquisitely sculptural and when enlarged become works of great presence and beauty. Her designs are based in geometry: with particular focus on circles and squares. She elaborates on these time and again to achieve compositions that are extremely complex. She has said that her work is about complication and how far you can push an idea. Ramshaw constantly researches and experiments, finding new materials and extending her sculptural vocabulary. In working more recently on a large scale, her imagery complements architecture and interiors, as her jewellery dresses the human body.

‘Gate’ is currently on display

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Visiting Information

Wendy Ramshaw

Born: 1939

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