Father is a full-length documentary film that focuses on the production and installation of a sculpture of the late Chinese statesman Deng Xiaoping (1904 -1997), often considered to be the chief architect of China’s market-orientated reforms. The sculpture was made by the artist’s own father, Cao Chong’en. The film deals with how political, social and economic factors intertwine in contemporary China, providing an intimate portrait of a highly respected Socialist Realist sculptor from the perspective of one of the most dynamic contemporary Chinese artists working in in the international artistic arena today.


About The Artist

Cao Fei creates multimedia projects that comment on the experience of growing up in modern day China as a young person. They often refer to China's rapidly changing society and mix social commentary with pop aesthetics and surrealism. Fei will often weave fantasy and reality together by framing her surrealistic films in documentary style. This inevitably has an unnerving effect and leads to the provocation of questions about where the fantasy screen begins and ends in her films and reality. By touching on reality and fantasy in such a casual and joyous way Cao Fei skilfully addresses our highly digitized contemporary world and exposes our increasingly efficient ability to adapt to extreme technological change.

Cao Fei

Born: 1978

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