Victoria Rance

Victoria Rance was born in Streatley, Berkshire, in 1959. She studied at North Oxfordshire Technical College (1978-79) and in the department of fine art at Newcastle University (1979-83).

Rance is a graduate of Newcastle Upon Tyne University (BA) and Kingston University (MA) and the recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award (2003/4).

Solo and group exhibitions include The Sleep of Reason at BBK Kunst-Quartier, Osnabrück, Germany with Sylvia Lüdtke (2013); Medusa Stories/Medusa Hikayeleri, Chalabi Gallery, Istanbul with Ruken Aslan; Free Zone/Çanakkale (2012); Fast Forward, Globe Gallery, Newcastle; Design and Print Now, Bearspace Gallery; Contrary Speeches / Changeable Realities, Kare Sanat Gallery Istanbul; Invaluable, APT Gallery, Deptford (2011) Exteriority, Summaria Lunn, London; Canakkale Biennial, Turkey; Istanbul Art Fair (2010); Invisible, Lucy Bell Gallery with Clare Whistler (2010); Eastern Approaches, Hatfield House; Stand Alone, Cello Factory, London (2009); Deep Inspiration, Jerwood Space, London (2007); New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury (2005); Standpoint Gallery, London (2004); Yokohama International Art Exhibition, Japan (2003); Dead Happy, St John’s Waterloo (2001); Sculpture at Goodwood, West Sussex; Noordbrabandt Museum, Hertogenbosch, Holland (2000); Spire, The Economist Plaza, London (2000); Labour of Love, Kunsthalle, Mannheim, Germany (1999).

Upon leaving university, Victoria Rance spent a year sculpting in Mexico, first in Tepoztlan and then in Erongaricuaro. The experience of working within another culture was enriching in many ways. She found that not only were the churches in a predominantly Catholic country full of elaborate carvings which she enjoyed, but there were other layers within the culture to be explored - Aztec and Mayan Art in particular. Rance also discovered that there was a particular harmony between the people and her art, and being allowed such close participation has left a lasting impression. Upon her return to Britain, Rance worked at studios in Rottingdean before moving to London and then to Greenwich, near to Apt Studios in Deptford, where she works today.

In her sculpture Victoria Rance has always been a fabricator rather than a modeller or carver, although she has on occasion worked with clay and with plaster. Her works evolve slowly, but her current practice has returned to ideas pursued as a student; particularly using the human figure as the centre or inhabitant of the work, with the sculpture conceived as a protective skin. Rance is greatly inspired by Naum Gabo and Constructivism and, whilst not emulating their work, her acknowledgement may be seen in the subtleties of making, in tone and in form. It is the spirituality in her work which leads Rance to look back to historical examples for inspiration - not to works of art, but to objects found in museums and in churches.


​Victoria Rance, Shelter, 1998

Victoria Rance


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