Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan was born in Kent in 1970 and studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication from 1989–90; Edinburgh College of Art, as both undergraduate and postgraduate, from 1990–91 and 1996–98 and the Royal College of Art, London from 1999–2000. Tim lives and works in London.

Over the course of his career Tim has received several public commissions and collaborated with prestigious designers on projects such as : Elevations, The Chelsea Flower Show with gold medal award winning garden designer Phil Nash (2007); Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy (2011); Contemporary Art Society (2000); The Economist Plaza (1999); Bombay Sapphire Blue Room Exhibition; Lots Road Power. He was elected a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2014.

Through his work Morgan explores various physical phenomena, such as the surface tension of water, or the quality of light passing through glass. As well as small and large–scale glass sculptures, he also makes work as interventions in the landscape. Through his use of glass or other materials Morgan creates a finely balanced hole in the surface of the water at his chosen location, whether it be in a puddle, pond or tidal region, apparently subverting physical laws. This work may be cyclic or transitory, depending on the stability of the water or the tide. Morgan records these as photographs or videos “I am fascinated by the explanations we build around ourselves to account for our own existence and by the interaction of our genetic and cultural inheritance with our own individual experience.”


Tim Morgan


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