Sean Henry

Sean Henry was born in Woking in 1965. He studied at Bristol Polytechnic from 1984–87 and at the University of California in 1991. Sean Henry currently lives and works in Wiltshire, UK.

A selection of recent exhibitions include North Yorks Moor National Park (2017); Lightbox Museum & Gallery, Woking (2017); Englische Kirche in Bad Homburg Germany, with Galerie Scheffel (2016), The Armory Show, New York (2016); Art Miami; National Portrait Gallery London (2015); Hessenpark & Saalburg Museums, Germany (2015); Sean Henry Sculptures, Forum Gallery New York, NYC (2015); The Way It Is, Hessenpark Museum, Anspach, Germany; Im Kleinen Format, Bad Homburg, Germany; Small Faces, Large Sizes, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (2015); Sculpture By The Sea, Sydney, Australia; Ladies First, Galerie Von Braunbehrens, Munich, Germany; Sean Henry Sculpture, Galleri Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden; Sleeping Sculpture in Belgium, LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium; Ekebergparken, Oslo, Germany (2014); Heavy Metal and Stones, Galleri Andersson, UMEA, Sweden (2013). In 2009, Sean Henry Sculpture was held at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London and in 2010 this exhibition moved to the Forum Gallery, New York. In 2011, Henry’s work was the subject of CONFLUX: A Union of the Sacred and the Anonymous at Salisbury Cathedral.

Sean Henry's sculptures deal with the tension between the making and staging of figures that seem to belong to the real world and the degree to which they echo our experiences and sympathies. Henry plays with scale and perception, almost always avoiding life–sized representation. He explores the narrative capabilities of sculpture through a variety of means: by using more than one figure, by the economical use of contemporary iconography and by a masterful ability to suggest psychological presence. His figurative sculptures are self–contained, often pensive, and preoccupied by their inner imaginings and on occasion verge on melancholic representations of our human existence.

Henry's public works include Walking Man in London's Holland Park (2000), Man With Potential Selves in the centre of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (2003) and a nine-figure permanent installation at the headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank in the city of London (2008). In 2007 Henry completed Couple - the UK's first permanent offshore sculpture, a critically acclaimed 13m high and 20m wide painted bronze and steel sculpture located 300 meters off the coast of Northumberland, at Newbiggin Bay. More recent installations include Standing Man in Stockholm city (2010) and Lying Man at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan, USA (2011).


​Sean Henry, ​Folly (The Other Self), 2011

Sean Henry


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