Julian Wild

Julian Wild was born in 1973 and studied Fine Art Sculpture at Kingston University from 1992–95. Julian lives and works in Sussex and is married to painter Mary Grant.

A selection of solo exhibitions includes: Stripping the Willow. The Lobby, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf; William Benington Gallery; Sculpture in the city; House Of the Flying Wheel, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham (2014); Modern Art Oxford (2014); Sculpture at Riverhill; Iron and Steel; Objectify; Sculptural (2013); Carving from 1910 to now; Wrestling Pythons, Chelsea Arts Club; Fear of Geometry; Sculpture al Fresco (2012); To Market, To Market!; Incomplete Systems; Flaming July (2011); Occidental Dimension; Toad in The Hole (2010); 2 1/2 d, Royal British Society of Sculptors (2009); Make Do, V22 (2008); Model Village (2004); Bog Standard, The Atrium Gallery (2003).

Julian Wild is interested in the idea of the indeterminate in relation to three-dimensional form. He explores the semiotics of materials that he uses which includes glass, ceramics, polished and painted stainless steel. His work considers the relationship between colour and sculpture, paying homage to modernist sculpture of the 1960s such as Anthony Caro's colour series. Wild deliberately leaves the surface of some of his work revealed in order to expose the materials shiny metallic core. Alongside this he also coats the surface of his sculptures in beautifully finished primary colours. More recently Wild has begun to deconstruct the geometry of the system series by creating linear three–dimensional drawings that create a narrative around the objects’ construction materials.


Julian Wild, System No 19, 2007

Julian Wild


CASS Artworks by Julian Wild


System No 19

Despite the sense of methodical order evoked by its title, System No. 19 is more an expression of something gestural or …