David Pratt

David Pratt was born in Denmead, Hampshire in 1962. He studied Fine Art at Portsmouth College of Art & Design (1979-82) and at Chichester University (2003-06). After leaving his first period of education he worked in the printing industry and as a bricklayer.

He has been involved in several exhibitions over the past couple of years and was also the 'Portrait Artist During Exhibition' at Chichester Open Art Exhibition in November 2005. His work, Suburban Odyssey was created for his degree show. In September 2006, Pratt took a place at the Prince's Drawing School where he was awarded a scholarship for a place on The Drawing Year postgraduate diploma.

In recent work David Pratt has exploited drawing's capacity as a tool of heightened imagination. He says that his work "generally tweaks the everyday, transcending expectations to develop symbols and narratives". The human figure is central to his work, and through this he seeks "the universal through the specific". He sets out to develop personal mythologies, often using symbolism in the juxtapositions of the everyday. He uses semi-portraiture, rather than unfocused crowds, to hint at narrative and take his imagery from a wide variety of eras, interchanging them to create a complex world of intrigue. The move into three-dimensional work with Suburban Odyssey grew out of a desire to lend these worlds more form, to make his more outlandish images architectural.


David Pratt, ​Suburban Odyssey, 2006

David Pratt