David King

David King's sculptures include references to literature and history as well as the everyday. In early work he explored the impossibility of clouds captured on stalks. These were large works with a surrealist streak that was also played out in his drawings and prints of the early 1970s. It is the unlikely combination of imagery in his sculptures that marks his work out as being highly individual, and which carries a message beyond its literal appearance. He uses association and metaphor to great effect. The house motif, and rooftops in particular, recur frequently in his mixed media sculptures. Architectural elements are used for the messages or stories they can convey. Rooftops may support a dancing figure, a boulder or plates and bowls - simple domestic appliances that reflect information about the interior - but it is the other strange forms that test the viewer. Wood, found objects and metals in all manner of construction techniques give a rich flavour to King's work. Some are painted, others exist in their raw state, but all are finished with skill and precision.


David King, Terrace, 1998

David King


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During the late 1980s Dave King made a number of sculptures loosely based on the themes to be found in the tale of Blueb…