Andrew Sabin

Andrew Sabin was born in London in 1958. He studied sculpture at Chelsea College of Art (1979-83). Andrew Sabin lives and works in Camden alongside his wife, the sculptor Laura Ford, and their three children.

A selection of group, solo and public projects include: High-Fell House, Grizedale Forest, Lake District (2014); Painting and Sculpture, Henry Moore Court, London (2013); The Coldstones Cut, Yorkshire (2010); The Calibrated Ramp, Bracknell Forest (2006); Material Evidence, Cubitt Street, he was included in Other Criteria, Henry Moore Institute (2004); One hundred years of British sculpture; Over Under, Canary Wharf (2007); The Open Sea, the Henry Moore Studio, Halifax (1997); Century of the Body, Lausanne and Lisbon (1995); The Sea of Sun, The Henry Moore Institute (1994); The Chisenhale Gallery (1990).

Andrew Sabin is the recipient of many awards including several from the Marsh Award for Public Sculpture in 2011, Arts Council England, The Henry Moore Trust, Arts and Business, SEEDA, RSA art for architecture award, The Aggregates Levy, The Bridgehouse Trust, The Lorne Award, The Marsh Award, ABSA and several awards from The British Council.

Andrew Sabin makes large-scale monumental works mainly out of galvanised steel mesh and strips. Although industrial and heavy Sabin skillfully makes work that appears light and weightless through the construction of space that is at once open and closed. Interconnecting spaces are constructed by weaving free forms through a rectilinear grid, creating a complex space of interior and exterior. His works deliberately imbue visitors with a sense of insecurity and precariousness, adding confusion of balance and perception.


​Andrew Sabin, Land-Bin, 1998

Andrew Sabin