Adam Sutherland

Adam Sutherland is director of Grizedale arts - an arts collective based on a farm in the Lake District of England. As the director he leads many of the projects, creating a structure into which a wide range of people can contribute. He also makes many elements of the works with the artists and other participants. Projects are always intended to create useful, sustainable, enterprise and educationally orientated works.

Adam Sutherland set up Grizedale Arts, an organisation based on the historic site of Lawson Park farm in the Lake District in the 1980s, which has become his life's project. Grizedale is an experimental and developmental curatorial project that operates as a working farm house and events centre offering residencies, projects, events and community activity. Sutherland initiated Grizedale in order to create a platform where art could have a more applied valuable function through a unique, cross-disciplinary education programme that seeks to develop contemporary art within a new more progressive, available and open framework. Inherent to Sutherland's philosophy is his belief in the necessity and value of art in socio-political progress and therefore it's capacity to effect real cultural, social and political change.

Process is a key factor in many projects at Grizedale Arts, rather than the finished shiny art object. The community near Grizedale is often involved in the development of projects, which Sutherland has always campaigned for in order to allow the public access to the process of art making and contextualise art within a social discourse.


Adam Sutherlands, Some useful things, 2015

Adam Sutherland


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Some useful things

The work Some Useful Things forms part of a project called The House of Ferment which also includes other works in the e…