Abigail Fallis

Abigail Fallis was born in London in 1968. She studied silver-smithing and metalwork at Camberwell College of Art. She lives and works in Gloucestershire.

Fallis has shown consistently across Britain, including solo shows at galleries including: Beaux Arts Cork Street, Trolley gallery, London and Pangolin London. In 2009 a public sculpture by Fallis was installed in Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Forth Square, entitled DNA DL90; a monumental 9-meter high double helix structure made of supermarket shopping trolleys, a comment on contemporary consumer culture. Fallis took part in the Women Make Sculpture exhibition in 2011, at the Pangolin Gallery, London. She was also the gallery's first sculptor-in-residence for a year from October 2008 - this culminated in a solo show of new works in paper and bronze, entitled Fallis in Wonderland. Her work is part of public and private collections including Parabola Land Ltd, Hix restaurants and the Damien Hirst Murderme collection.

Fallis is a skilled metalworker and has always been concerned with transforming surfaces and considers the making process to be a crucial element of her practice. She experiments with diverse materials including papier mache, fish skeletons, neon and bronze. Fallis refers to her sculptures as thinking tools. Her work is characterised by her quirky sense of humour, coupled with powerful messages on the environment and our consumer-led society.


Abigail Fallis, DNA DL90, 2003

Abigail Fallis